Future Students

Future Students
Spring 2018: Contact Advisers for more information

MASTERS IN EDUCATION:  If interested in being part of our 100% online Curriculum and Instruction emphasis in Early Childhood Education cohort, please contact Heather Terry at hterry@fullerton.edu.   

MULTIPLE SUBJECT CREDENTIAL or COMBINED MASTERS/MULTIPLE SUBJECT CREDENTIAL PROGRAMS:  Have you attended the mandatory in-person credential program overview?

The Department of Elementary & Bilingual Education offers three types of programs: the Multiple Subject Credential Program (MSCP) for people who wish to become accredited K-8 teachers, a Combined Credential/Master’s Program, and Master’s Degree Programs for educators who wish to further their studies. The Department of Elementary Education faculty are recognized locally and nationally for their contributions to a variety of education disciplines. The faculty includes authors of numerous well-known texts. They are committed to providing course work that is grounded in current professional practice and that is connected to a strong theoretical and empirical research base.

About Our Programs

The Multiple Subject Credential Program

Our nationally accredited Multiple Subject Credential Program prepares candidates to be leaders in the classroom and change agents within the field of education. We offer 2 semester and 3 semester programs, certificate options for our credential candidates, as well as opportunities for a Bilingual Authorization Credential or Certificate (formerly BCLAD). Read more about our Multiple Subject Credential Program.

The Combined Credential/Master’s Program

We also offer an innovative combined program where candidates can complete the requirements to earn both their Multiple Subject Credential and a Masters of Science in Education with a concentration in Curriculum and Instruction. Read more about our Combined Credential/Master’s Program.

Teacher Induction Program

The Fully Online Teacher Induction Program is designed to meet updated California Commission on Teacher Credentialing requirements for earning a Clear Multiple Subject or Single Subject Credential through the General Education Teacher Induction program. Read more about CSUF’s Teacher Induction Program.

Admissions Information

Credential Program Requirements

A prospective applicant's first step is to attend the mandatory in-person overview where detailed information is provided about all of our program options.The overview is approximately an hour and half and includes a question and answer time. NO RSVP is required. Please click here for a list of upcoming sessions and all requirements.  Prior to attending the in-person overview, you may click here to view our online overview online .  The online overview does not replace the in-person overview.

Masters Program Requirements

To apply to the Masters Program, applicants must first apply to Cal State Fullerton. Begin the university application process at Cal State Apply (www.calstate.edu/apply). Additionally, visit the How to Apply website for final application steps.

IMPORTANT: All credential and graduate students who intend to enroll at California State University, Fullerton must accept their offer of admission and pay a non-refundable $250 enrollment deposit. The deposit will offset a portion of the Registration Fees for the first semester.  This is NOT an additional fee.  Once paid, this deposit will reduce the cost of the fall tuition by $250.

Candidates must accept admission and pay the enrollment deposit through the Student Portal, within the Student Center.   Under the Admissions area of the Student Center, click on the Application Status link. The Accept/Decline button will be displayed. Click on the Accept/Decline button to accept admission to CSU Fullerton.  Accepting admission and paying the enrollment deposit are required to confirm the intent to enroll at CSU Fullerton.

Our College-wide deadline for final payment of the $250 enrollment deposit is July 15th.

Candidates with financial aid will have the enrollment deposit waived until financial aid is awarded.

For further questions regarding this process, please visit this link:  http://fullerton.edu/admissions/ProspectiveStudent/acceptancedecision.asp

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Page updated: September 25, 2017