Dr. Sharon Chappell

Sharon Chappell is  an assistant professor in the department of Elementary and Bilingual Education. She specializes in diversity and curriculum issues, English language learning, bilingual education, and arts education. She also is interested in building communities of learners in online instruction.

Dr. Chappell earned her Ph.D. in curriculum studies from Arizona State University. Her research interests include relationships between second language development, bilingualism and the arts; issues of multiculturalism and social justice in curriculum; and, arts based research methods. She is a visual artist who specializes in collage and artist book-making. She is learning Spanish as her second language.

Her courses include:
EDEL 325 Cultural Pluralism in Elementary Schools
EDEL 434 Inquiry and Methods in English Language Learning
EDEL 450 Visual and Performing Arts Methods
EDEL 492 Supervision of Student Teachers
EDEL 530 Graduate Seminar in Second Languages
EDEL 541 Culture and Education of Latino Students (conversion to online)
EDEL 542 Graduate Seminar in Current Issues in Bilingual Education

Her scholarly work appears in the Handbook of Public Pedagogy, Journal of Curriculum and Pedagogy, Community Arts Network, Youth Theatre Journal, Arts Education Policy Review, Teaching Artist Journal, and Democracy and Education.
Her art work appears on the cover of Children under Construction: Critical Essays on Play as Curriculum; on the web for the Conference of Narrative, Arts-based, and (Post) Social Research at Arizona State University; and, in the Artist Book Special Collection at the John Flaxman Library at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago.

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