Dr. Lisa Winstead

Dr. Lisa Winstead

Dr. Lisa Winstead is an Associate Professor and Spanish Bilingual Authorization Coordinator in the Department of Elementary and Bilingual Education at California State University, Fullerton. Winstead graduated with a bachelors in Government/Journalism and masters in International relations from California State University, Sacramento. She received her doctorate in Curriculum and Instruction (emphasis in language, literacy and culture) from the University of the Pacific. Before coming to CSUF, Winstead taught English for two years in Japan and taught nine years at the middle school level. During that time she became Chair of the Bilingual & ELD Program, implemented an alternative dual language program for mainstream and Spanish-speaking newcomers, and engaged in collaboration with Sacramento County Office of Education and Middle School Partnerships to create the new middle school document.

International work, study abroad experiences, and sabbaticals have allowed her to pursue the study of second as well as foreign language matters and issues. As marketing manager for Dainippon Screen during the 1990s, she employed Adobe technology to disseminate product information about imagesetters and other technological devices. These combined experiences, including work as a bilingual reporter for (ABC, Sacramento) Progreso, have influenced her research in heritage and bilingual education, migrant education, second language acquisition, as well as technological approaches that provide access to language learners globally in socially just and responsive ways.

While on sabbatical in France, she was involved in the development of The Handbook of Research on Foreign Language Education in the Digital Age which covers innovative technological approaches but challenges educators to question the status quo of language learning in the digital age (Wang & Winstead, 2016). Novel concepts coined include technology-assisted language learning (TALL), digital colonization, as well as cultural and digital linguistic integrity. Other publications about bilingual and second language acquisition, as well as technological approaches that provide access to language learners globally in socially just and responsive ways are listed below. Disseminates research via various conferences: International Symposium on Bilingualism, the National Association for Bilingual Education, the Children’s Identity and Citizenship in Europe, and the American Educational Research Association. Related courses include Second Languages, Latinos in Education, and Bilingual Methods in Spanish to prepare teachers who will serve in dual immersion programs.

Links to publications:

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