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MASTERS ONLY PROGRAMS: We are accepting applications for the Concentration in Curriculum and Instruction. Options include a focus in 21st Century Teaching Learning (100% online), an emphasis in Social Justice (100% online) or emphasis in Early Childhood Education (Hybrid – online and in person).  For more information about these programs, please contact our adviser at  We are also accepting applications for the 100% online Curriculum and Instruction concentration Educational Technology program.  For more information, please contact Dr. Loretta Donovan  ( . 

MULTIPLE SUBJECT CREDENTIAL or COMBINED MASTERS/MULTIPLE SUBJECT CREDENTIAL PROGRAMS: We will continue to accept completed applications for fall 2017 until the program is full.  Have you attended the mandatory in-person credential program overview?

MSCP Handbook

This handbook is for teacher candidates enrolled in the Multiple Subject Credential Program.  This handbook should also be shared with to the master teachers and school administrators. Please read this handbook each semester to review any changes that may have occurred.View the MSCP Handbook.

Fieldwork and Student Teaching Overviews

2 semester and Combined Credential Information

3 semester and Bilingual Authorization Information

Student Forms



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Page updated: August 27, 2016