Current Students

Current Students

MASTERS ONLY PROGRAMS: We are accepting applications for the Concentration in Curriculum and Instruction. Options include a focus in 21st Century Teaching Learning (100% online), an emphasis in Social Justice (100% online) or emphasis in Early Childhood Education (Hybrid – online and in person).  For more information about these programs, please contact our adviser at  We are also accepting applications for the 100% online Curriculum and Instruction concentration Educational Technology program.  For more information, please contact Dr. Loretta Donovan  ( . 

MULTIPLE SUBJECT CREDENTIAL or COMBINED MASTERS/MULTIPLE SUBJECT CREDENTIAL PROGRAMS: We will continue to accept completed applications for fall 2017 until the program is full.  Have you attended the mandatory in-person credential program overview?

Welcome Teacher Candidates!
Here are the links and resources you will find useful as a current student in the Department of Elementary and Bilingual Education at CSUF.

Computer Checkout

Want to check out a MAC or PC laptop/computer? Do it now because they are checked out on a first come, first serve basis. Click HERE for details on the computer checkout process.

Department Scholarships

Need a Scholarship? Click HERE to learn more about the application process and the type of scholarships that are currently available.

Student Handbook and Forms

Handbooks are available for teacher candidates, master/cooperating teachers and school administrators. Click HERE to view the Multiple Subject Credential Program Handbook.

Department Awards for Graduate Students

Graduates from the M.S. Degree programs are honored for their outstanding performance. Click HERE to view the different award categories.

Credential Preparation Center

This center aims to provide quality advisement and certification services to all the professional educators in the California elementary and secondary schools. Click HERE to get more information about the services offered by the Credential Preparation Center.

Master/Cooperating Teacher Information

Master/Cooperating teachers play a critical role in ensuring that teacher candidates will have a successful learning experience. Click HERE to learn more about the roles and responsibilities for a Master/Cooperating Teacher.

Supervisor Information

Click HERE to find supervisor resources.

Teaching Performance Assessment

All multiple and single subject preliminary credential candidates attending fifth year, intern, or blended teacher preparation programs in California need to pass the Teaching Performance Assessment (TPA). Click HERE to find out more about the Teaching Performance Assessment.

Teacher Recruitment Project

The main goal of the Teacher recruitment project is to increase the number of qualified teachers in mathematics and science. Click HERE to find out more about the Teacher Recruitment Project (TRP).

Current Graduate Student Resources

There are ample resources available for current students that include financial aid, scholarships, and graduate program options. Click HERE to find out more about resources for graduate students.

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Page updated: March 4, 2015