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Spring 2018: Contact Advisers for more information

MASTERS IN EDUCATION:  If interested in being part of our 100% online Curriculum and Instruction emphasis in Early Childhood Education cohort, please contact Heather Terry at   

MULTIPLE SUBJECT CREDENTIAL or COMBINED MASTERS/MULTIPLE SUBJECT CREDENTIAL PROGRAMS:  Have you attended the mandatory in-person credential program overview?

The Department of Elementary and Bilingual Education has high expectation for all classes.  To this end, all instructors should meet the follow teaching expectations:


Even if you are not teaching courses online, we expect all syllabi to be posted online using TITANium.

Accessing Titanium

Training Opportunities

Online Teaching and Learning


We expect that technology will be integrated in courses.  All of our classrooms are “Smart Classrooms” that have computers and projectors to assist with teaching and learning.  You must complete online training to receive a key and use the technology.  You will only need to complete the Basic Smart Classroom Class.

In addition, we have technology such as document cameras, Probeware, laptop computers, class sets of digital cameras, class sets of flip cameras, and class sets of Response Cards for check out.  For more information on checking out technology, please go to the MSCP Titanium site. If you do not have access, contact the Department office.

In addition, consider going to through the portal for additional online training.

Student Outcomes

As you plan your courses, please consider the Department’s expectation in terms of student outcomes.

Accessible Technology Initiative (ATI)

The CSU’s Accessible Technology Initiative is an effort to ensure system wide compliance with Section 508.  Section 508 requires that federal agencies’ electronic and information technology is accessible to people with disabilities.

As a Department we have agreed to ensure that our syllabi meet these standards by spring 2012.  Each semester we will add to these requirements.  Please go to the Titanium MSCP site for more information as well as a template. If you do not have access to this site please check the Titanium quick tips above.

Course Syllabi

Please go to Titanium MSCP site for more information on courses.  In addition, please use the course templates provided.  These templates have been reviewed to ensure they meet Department standards.  If you do not have access to this site contact the Department office.

If you need more assistance with your course, please contact the faculty member that is designated as the course custodian for your course.

Grading Polices

All courses in the credential program are graded Credit/No Credit except EDEL 429 and EDEL 430.  In addition, for the credential program, to receive credit for a course (this applies to graded courses and credit/no credit courses), all work must be completed at a minimum of a B- level (80%). Successful completion of coursework is necessary for advancement to student teaching and/or the following semester.  Please review the student handbook for more information.

Graduate students must maintain a 3.0 G.P.A. throughout their entire Master’s Program. Please review the graduate student handbook for information on grading policies and more.

Copies and Copyright

In order to keep Department costs down, please limit the number of copies that you make. Posting material needed for classes on Titanium is the preferred method of material distribution.

Please make sure you follow copyright and fair use laws before posting material or making copies of any materials. For more information visit and

If you need training or access to the copy machines, please contact the Department office.

Professional Dispositions

Faculty model and encourage all candidates to reflect dispositions that represent the values and attitudes expected of professionals in the field of Education. These dispositions are based on the Education Unit’s conceptual framework and encompass several behavioral indicators within the three program outcomes. As candidates move through their programs it is expected they demonstrate a commitment to fairness and a belief that all children can learn.  Please review the dispositions and include them on your syllabi.

Part Time Office

The part time office number that should appear on your syllabi is EC 353.

Additional Professional Development Opportunities

New opportunities will be posted as they become available.

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Page updated: February 24, 2015