Intern/Professional Track Program

The Intern/Professional Track Program in the Single Subject Credential Program at California State University, Fullerton is designed for Teacher Candidates who wish to complete credential requirements while concurrently teaching in their credential preparation subject area/s in the public schools during the Second Semester of the Single Subject Credential Program. This is a California Commission on Teacher Credentialing (CTC) approved Alternative Certification Program.


A CTC Intern Credential is issued to an individual participating in an accredited internship program and authorizes teaching in the area or subject listed on the credential under the supervision of the university and the employing school district. To be eligible for an Intern Credential, Teacher Candidates must meet the following requirements:

  • Earned a Bachelor’s degree or higher.
  • Verification of California Basic Educational Skills.
  • Verification of U.S. Constitution requirement by course or examination.
  • Verification of subject-matter competency by either a) passage of the appropriate CSET examination/s or b) completion of 100% of a CTC-approved subject-matter preparation program.
  • Acceptance into a CTC-approved credential program and formal recommendation (41-4 Rec Form) from the California
  • Institution of Higher Education (IHE) having an agreement for placement of the Intern with a public school district.
  • Completion of all Intern/Professional Track Coursework Prerequisites (see below).
  • Receive an offer of employment for an intern assignment from a public school district.
  • Approval of Subject Area Coordinator to participate in the Intern Program and to accept an offer for a specific teaching position in a specific public school district.
  • Teacher Candidates are admitted into the Intern Program following acceptance into the Single Subject Credential Program, approval of the Subject Area Coordinator, an Intern Agreement with a public school district, and offer of employment as an Intern.

PROGRAM CHANGE:  Beginning 2017-2018, the Single Subject Intern/Professional Track Program will be open only to Second Semester Teacher Candidates.


The Intern/Professional Track Coursework Prerequisites

The Intern/Professional Track program has the following prerequisite coursework: EDSC 310, EDSC 320, EDSC 330, EDSC 340 and EDSC 410. All of these prerequisites must be complete PRIOR to obtaining the Intern Credential and starting an Intern position.

It is also required that Teacher Candidates meet the education technologies requirement by completing EDSC 304 Educational Technology or passing CSETs 133 & 134 and meet the U.S. Constitution requirement.


The Intern/Professional Track Program Coursework

Second semester Interns complete EDSC 449I – Second Semester Student Teacher, 449S – Seminar in Secondary Teaching (in Subject Area), and EDSC 460 Teaching Performance Assessment Seminar.


The Intern/Professional Track Application Process

The Intern/Professional Track applicant must complete all admissions requirements for the traditional Single Subject Credential Program and successfully complete the First Semester of the Single Subject Credential Program. During the 2017-2018 year, the applicant will also need to successfully complete the Teaching Performance Assessment, 1 and 2. Finally, the applicant must receive approval from the Subject Area Coordinator. Only those Teacher Candidates who demonstrate readiness to assume the responsibilities of full-time teaching and have approval of their Subject Area Coordinator are accepted into the Intern/Professional Track Program.


The Intern Teaching Assignment

It is the responsibility of the Teacher Candidate to obtain an offer of employment for an Intern teaching position in the area of subject matter competence within the service area of the CSU Fullerton Secondary Teacher Education Program. Working with diverse students is a requirement of all placements and school support providers/Mentors will complete a Fieldwork Verification Form. See a copy of this form at The Teacher Candidate will need to have students with special needs, English learners (waived for World Language Candidates), and students with a special instructional challenge in order to complete the Teaching Performance Assessment. Placements must be in schools with diverse faculty as well. The Intern position may be at any public school district in our geographic area that completes an Intern agreement with CSUF. Please contact your Subject Area Coordinator for specific information. Subject Area Coordinators must approve all Intern placements. Check with your Subject Area Coordinator regarding your readiness for an Intern position. The Intern teaching assignment may be for all or part (combined with student teaching) of the school day.


The Intern/Professional Track Program Coursework and Teaching Performance Assessment

The Second Semester Intern will complete EDSC 449I – Second Semester Student Teacher, 449S – Seminar in Secondary Teaching (in Subject Area), and EDSC 460 Teaching Performance Assessment Seminar. The Intern will complete the Teaching Performance Assessment.


Procedures for Obtaining Intern Credential

  1. Submit a copy of your offer of employment letter with the start date and assigned district/school name to Dr. Maria Grant, Single Subject Intern Program. It may be scanned and emailed to: You may also fax them to the attention of Dr. Grant at: 657-278-5518 or bring a hardcopy to Dr. Grant in CP 600. She must also have formal approval from your Subject Area Coordinator in order to accept you in the Professional Track Program. An email is accepted. Additionally, you must also have satisfied all requirements listed above.
  2. Dr. Grant will verify the following:
    1. Your qualifications for the position offered (must be in your approved subject area)
    2. Teaching Internship Agreement with the district of hire (if not, an Internship Agreement will need to be established)
    3. Appropriate offer of employment with start and end date that meets criteria of Intern Program, final approval from Subject Area Coordinator for specific teaching position.
  3. Upon Dr. Grant’s approval, you will go to the CSUF Credential Office in College Park, CP 740 (large, white building at the corner of Nutwood and Commonwealth) to apply for your Intern Credential and to pay a processing fee.
  4. The CSUF Credential Office will verify your qualifications and, once all criteria have been met, will submit your approved application electronically to the California Commission on Teacher Credentialing (CTC).
  5. You will receive an email notification from the CTC with a web link to the State Credential Application Processing site. Once you follow the link and pay the CTC credential fee, your credential will appear in the CTC database that is searchable online by your employing district:
List of Coursework


  • EDSC 310 The Teaching Experience: Participation
  • EDSC 320 Adolescence and Education;
  • EDSC 330 Developing Literacy in Secondary Schools;
  • EDSC 340 Diversity in Secondary Schools;
  • EDSC 410 Teaching English Learners in Secondary Schools;
  • Introduction to Secondary Teaching, an online module offered through the Department of Secondary Education;
  • EDSC 304 Education Technologies for Secondary Teachers, recommended to be completed prior to entering the program. Students may waive this requirement by completing the CSET Examination for the Competency CSETs 133 and 134.

First Semester Coursework

EDSC 440S – 4 units

EDSC 440F – 2 units

_____ 449E – 3 units*

_____ 442 – 3 units*


Intern/Professional Track Coursework

_____ 449I – 10 units*

_____ 449S – 3 units 440S*

EDSC 460 TPA – 3 units

*Offered in Subject Area Department


Early Completion Option

For candidates who complete additional program requirements, an early completion option is under revision.


Need to Meet the U.S. Constitution Requirement?

There is an online U.S. Constitution course and exam that is state-approved: The U.S. Constitution Examination may also be taken at CSU Long Beach. Register by calling: 562 985-4698. To reserve your space, call at least two days in advance. Examinations are given on various weekdays and Saturdays. The examination consists of 80 True/False questions. To prepare for the examination, please read 25 Lessons in Citizenship by D. L. Hennessey (94 pages), ISBN: 0960295879. The text is available at and at the CSU Long Beach Bookstore.


Contact Us

Maria Grant, Ed.D.
Intern Program Director
College Park CP-03
(657)278-5759 (CSUF Office)
(657)278-5518 (Fax) 

CSU Fullerton offers the Intern Program in Art, Foundational Level General Science, Foundational Level Mathematics, English, World Languages, Mathematics, Music, Physical Education, Science, Social Studies and World Languages.



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