Frequently Asked Questions (Graduate)

What sets Cal State Fullerton’s Secondary Education Graduate Programs apart?

Good question!  Our graduate program is all about developing teacher leaders.  It is designed to help classroom teachers upgrade their skills, become informed about new ideas in secondary teaching, and prepare for curriculum leadership roles in public and private schools.

Our WASC accredited online graduate program in secondary education has been recognized by  US News and World Report  as among the very best online graduate degrees in the country.  We offer a range of exit options, including a comprehensive examination, writing for publication, curriculum development, action research, and National Board certification.   All students in our program are oriented to the National Board for Professional Teaching Standards, since the NBPTS certification is recognized as being consistent with contemporary best practice in the profession.   


How do I apply to the program?

We start cohorts every fall semester.  We admit qualified students on a rolling basis, so applying early helps increase your chances of being accepted.  Since we often reach capacity by the late spring, it is best to apply before the end of March.    

Once you have completed your application through Cal State Apply we will then need your completed departmental application materials

What is a cohort?

A “cohort” program means that all students go through the program together, taking the same classes each semester.  This means that you start at the beginning of the program and continue with your cohort per the scheduled sequence.  


Who advises me?

Initial advisement prior to entering the program is provided by the Secondary Education Graduate Program Advisor and by the instructor of EDSC 501: Introduction to Graduate Studies in Secondary Education. To request an appointment or an application, call (714) 278-4028.  



This 21 month program starts in the fall.  You will always take two graduate courses in each semester, including the summer term.  

The program outline is listed below:

Fall 1, Spring 1, Summer (between years one and two), Fall 2, Spring 2 (you graduate!!!)


Can I transfer into the program with completed course work from another university?

Due to the unique nature of this MSE Program, course equivalency with other university’s graduate courses is difficult.  As such, transfer courses are rarely approved in this program. Please check with the Secondary Education Graduate Program Advisor for more information.   


How much does the program cost?

Tuition at CSUF is significantly lower compared to other local universities. For the Fall 2018 starting term, the total cost of the graduate program is about $11,600.  You can check the campus website Student Financial Services:  (select Student Fees on the left hand tab)

for the fees for this academic year.


What funding opportunities exist for graduate students in this program?  

Various sources of funding are available to graduate students.  Please consult the following web sites for additional information:

What kinds of culminating experiences have students completed in the past?  

In previous years we had students complete comprehensive examinations, action research studies, submit articles for publication in peer-reviewed journals, author books, complete curriculum projects, and pursue National Board certification.  

We are extremely supportive of students who pursue National Board certification as their culminating experiences.  Many of our students have successfully pursued this option in the past, and we highly encourage all of our qualified graduate students to consider this professional opportunity.  The graduate program provides 9 units of support for teachers pursuing National Board certification.   Yes, it is possible to get National Board certified as a part of our masters program!

How can I learn more?

To learn more about our program view our brief YouTube video.Opens in new window

You may also contact the Graduate Program Advisor, Dr. Chris Street, at .