Master's Program Exit Options

There are three options available to meet the final graduation requirement for the master's program.

Exam Option

Students who wish to demonstrate proficiency within a constrained time frame may wish to complete the comprehensive exam. The exam provides an opportunity for students to extend their understanding of concepts, theories, principles, and applications through focused review and analysis of the major concepts covered in MSE course work. (EDSC 595)


Project Option

In developing the curriculum and requirements for the MSE Secondary Education Concentration, the department determined that our students would be encouraged to do a project rather than a thesis. On the practical side, the project saves students some money because it does not need to be microfilmed. At the end of the process it also saves time because it does not have to be reviewed by the Graduate Office and be defended orally before a committee. Students have greater flexibility in the type of research required for completing a project. Also, projects can be very practical in dealing with specific issues in your school or district, such as action research. (EDSC 594)


Thesis Option

The thesis option allows students to engage in scholarly research. Particularly for students who plan to pursue an eventual doctoral degree, the thesis provides an opportunity to conduct an in-depth, disciplined inquiry of a particular topic/problem. If your intended audience is an academic/scholarly audience, the thesis option is the best choice. (EDSC 598)