Combined Credential and Master’s Program in Culturally and Linguistically Sustaining Teaching (CLST)


The Combined Credential & Masters in Culturally and Linguistically Sustaining Teaching (CLST) is offered by the Department of Secondary Education, and is designed to prepare teacher candidates who:

  • Adopt an asset-based and transformative approach to education.
  • Build cooperative and collaborative relationships with culturally and linguistically diverse communities, students, parents, and colleagues.
  • Think critically and systemically about historic and contemporary approaches to curriculum, policy, and educational practice.
  • Use culturally and linguistically sustaining pedagogy to promote academic achievement, engagement, and equity among students from diverse local and global communities.
  • Create, evaluate, and transform curriculum and assessments to foreground authentic, academically rigorous, and contextually relevant content and skills.
  • Effectively leverage technology and contemporary media to promote critical thinking, challenge culturally and linguistically hegemonic practices, and promote authentic academic and civic engagement.
  • Use classroom, community-based, and scholarly research to improve their teaching and positively impact student learning.
  • Develop the professional expertise and agency necessary to promote educational equity and justice within and beyond their schools, communities, and profession.


We are currently accepting candidates in Social Studies, Foundation Level Math, Science, World Languages, English, and Physical Education.

  • Candidates must meet the admissions requirements for the Single Subject Credential Program and the Master’s in Secondary Education Program. There is also a specialized interview for the combined program.
  • This is an intensive, year-round program.
  • Candidates will take courses as part of a cohort, ear n their credential at the end of the Spring  201 9 semester.
  • Candidates canteach full time while finishing their Master’s degree in Fall 2019.


Program Schedule

  • Summer 2018: EDSC 501, 504 & 506 (7 units, hybrid)
  • Fall 2018: EDSC 410, 440F, 440S, 442, 449E & 524 (18 units, face-to-face & online; 250 hours of fieldwork)
  • Intersession 2019: EDSC 535 (3 units)
  • Spring 2019: EDSC 449I, 449S, 460 & 591 (19 units, face- to-face & online; 350 hours of field work)
  • Summer 2019: EDSC 522 & 599 (6 units; online)
  • Fall 2019: EDSC 536 & 594 (6 units; online).

Applications are due February 15, 2018. Classes start Summer 2018.



  • Earn your Single Subject Credential to teach in grades 6-12
  • Analyze curriculum, pedagogy, and policy in diverse local and global communities
  • Build relationships with K-12 teachers, students & communities
  • Optional study abroad experience in Summer 2019 (scholarships available!)
  • Take classes face-to-face, online, and onsite in partner schools
  • Year-round program allows you to complete your credential and Master’s degree in just 18 months

View the Combined Master's/Credential Program flyerPDF File


Contact Dr. Alison Dover at for more details.

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