Future Students

Future Students
About Our Programs

Single Subject Credential Programs

Our Single Subject Credential Programs are the only nationally-accredited programs in Orange County. Those successfully completing our programs receive a credential from the California Commission on Teacher Credentialing which authorizes teaching in the subject(s) identified in grades K-12. High school teachers and most middle school teachers hold single subject credentials. Some single subject teachers also work in elementary grades (for example, many music teachers who teach at elementary schools hold single subject credentials). Read more about our Single Subject Credential Programs.

Also available: Added Authorizations, and Internship / Professional Track Program. 

Master's Degree Programs

These programs are designed to help career secondary classroom teachers upgrade their skills, become informed about new ideas in secondary teaching, and prepare for curriculum leadership roles in public and private schools.

Our graduate programs build upon teacher preparation in the Single Subject Preliminary Credential Program. Whereas coursework in the credential program focuses on knowledge and skills necessary for a beginning secondary teacher, graduate programs allow students to extend their knowledge and deepen their skills in curriculum design, instructional and assessment strategies, integration of technology, and reflective practice. Read more about our Master's Degree Programs.

Admissions Information

Credential Program Requirements

Your first step is to attend one of our on-campus overviews where we cover the credential program you’re interested in. Our hour-long sessions include a question and answer session at the end of each review. NO RSVP is required. Please click here for a list of upcoming sessions and all requirements.

Masters Program Requirements

To apply to the Masters Program, you must first be enrolled at Cal State Fullerton. Begin that process at CSU Mentor (http://www.calstate.edu/apply).  Refer to the links below for all other requirements and downloads:

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Page updated: June 2, 2017