Culminating Teaching Experience (TASK 4)

Lesson Design, Implementation, and Reflection after Instruction
(includes a classroom video recording component)

  • You will demonstrate your ability to design a lesson based on state-adopted academic content standards for students, implement that lesson making appropriate use of class time and instructional resources, meet the differing needs of individuals within the class, manage instruction and student interaction, assess student learning, and analyze the strengths and weaknesses of the lesson.
  • You will demonstrate your ability to make lesson adaptations for two focus students.
  • You will demonstrate your ability to analyze evidence of student learning and reflect on your instruction.
  • You will submit your completed response, a video recording of the lesson you taught, instructional artifacts, and samples of student work. Look at the Culminating Teaching Experience Task directions in advance (see below). The video recording information can help you prepare, practice, and become familiar and comfortable with the process.


The California Teaching Performance Assessment (CA TPA) tasks are designed to measure aspects of the TPE’s and to reflect what beginning teachers should know and be able to do before receiving a Preliminary Credential. The CCTC, ETS, and professional teacher educators from California teacher preparation programs designed and tested a pilot and a field review version of the four performance tasks to ensure that the final CA TPA tasks are fair and equitable for all preliminary credential candidates. There are four inter-related yet separate tasks that increase in complexity as you move through them. They were designed with a specific sequence in mind. As the tasks increase in complexity, there are more choices and decisions to make about how to respond to the prompts. Each performance task measures aspects of a number of TPE’s, and many TPE’s are measured in more than one task.

Click here to read the Culminating Teaching Experience Task Overview

What Is Being Measured?

The following twelve Teacher Performance Expectations are being measured in the Culminating Teaching Experience Task:

  1. Making Subject Matter Comprehensible to Students
  2. Assessing Student Learning
  3. Engaging and Supporting Students in Learning
  4. Planning Instruction and Designing Learning Experiences for Students
  5. Creating and Maintaining Effective Environments for Student Learning
  6. Developing as a Professional Educator

Note: Review the complete text of these twelve Teaching Performance Expectations before you begin and periodically as you prepare your response to this task.

Task Directions

Click here for the specific instructions for completing the Culminating Teaching Experience Task from the CTC Teaching Performance Assessment Materials site.

Rubrics for Culminating Teaching Experience (Task 4)

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Page updated: November 7, 2012