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Scope of Credential (What will I be able to teach when I earn the credential?)

The Single Subject Teaching Credentials in Mathematics authorize holders to teach mathematics classes in departmentalized settings.  These credentials authorize teaching at any grade level, but departmentalized teaching of mathematics usually occurs in grades seven through twelve.  Courses include general courses in basic or remedial mathematics, pre-algebra, beginning and intermediate algebra, plane and solid geometry, trigonometry, pre-calculus and calculus, integrated mathematics, and other mathematics subjects.

Subject Matter Preparation Program

You may establish Subject Matter Competency through successful completion of the Subject Matter Preparation Program in Mathematics.

California Subject Examinations for Teachers

You may establish Subject Matter Competency through successful passage of Content Subject Examinations for Teachers (CSETs).  Three subtests are required:

  • #110 Subtest I Mathematics Algebra; Number Theory
  • #111 Subtest II Mathematics Geometry; Probability and Statistics
  • #112 Subtest III Mathematics Calculus; History of Mathematics

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Page updated: September 22, 2015