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The Foundational Level Mathematics (FLM) teacher credential program at California State University, Fullerton is a 1-year post-baccalaureate program aimed to prepare middle school and early high school teachers of mathematics.  Unlike most credential programs, at CSUF the FLM credential is a stand-alone program separate from the Mathematics credential program.  This has allowed us to create a strong focus on preparing teachers of middle school mathematics with a particular emphasis on teaching pre-algebra and algebra.  Our program prepares future teachers with the perspectives and skills needed to plan and implement lessons that engage learners in making sense of foundational concepts and skills and prepares them for the advanced coursework that follows. California State University Fullerton offers the only nationally accredited program in Orange County, and graduates of the CSUF FLM program have been highly successful in their teaching careers.

Scope of Credential

The Single Subject Teaching Credential in Foundational-Level Mathematics authorizes the holder to teach the specific subject(s) named on the credential in departmentalized classes such as those in most middle schools and high schools. However, a teacher authorized for single subject instruction may also be assigned to teach any subject in his or her authorized field at any grade level– preschool, grades K-12, or in classes organized primarily for adults. The Foundational Level Mathematics field includes: general mathematics, algebra, geometry, probability and statistics, and consumer mathematics

NOTE: While in the credential program, students will not be permitted to teach above Algebra 1.

Are you interested in obtaining a Single Subject Credential in teaching grades 6-10 mathematics?

In order to apply to the program, students must complete the following requirements based on two options:

  • Interested in applying for the FLM Credential and Program at CSUF?
    • Establish Subject Matter Competence through successful passage of CSET: Mathematics  Subtests I and II
    • Complete program prerequisite coursework
    • Apply and be accepted to the Single Subject Credential Program
    • Complete 2-semester credential program as traditional or intern candidate!

To learn about the FLM credential and program at CSUF, view What is Foundational Level Mathematics?

To learn about the Single Subject Credential Program at CSUF, start by reading the overview page about our over-arching credential program and viewing our online Overview podcast

  • Do you already have a Multiple Subject Credential and just want to earn a Single Subject credential in Foundational Level Mathematics (to teach from middle school mathematics through advanced algebra)?
    • Establish Subject Matter Competence through successful passage of CSET: Mathematics Subtests I and II
    • Complete EDSC 542M Advanced Methods of Teaching Foundational Level Mathematics in Secondary Schools (You must have either passed at least 1 of the CSET Math exams OR earned credit for 1 semester of Calculus to take the course!

To learn more about FLM for already credentialed teachers,  click here…

California Subject Examinations for Teachers (CSET). The CSET is the set of examinations used by the Commission to verify subject matter knowledge. Individuals who choose to satisfy the subject matter requirement in FLM by the examination option must obtain passing scores on the first two subtests of the CSET: Mathematics. These subtests include: Subtest I: Number and Quantity; Algebra (test code 211) and Subtest II: Geometry; Probability and Statistics (test code 212). For more information on the CSET, go to

The College of Education is part of the Mathematics and Science Teachers Initiative (MSTI), an innovative partnership between the College of Education and Natural Sciences and Mathematics at California State University, Fullerton. To learn more about the MSTI Project and available resources and scholarships for CSUF students preparing to be teachers of mathematics and science, click here…

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Page updated: July 21, 2017