Learning Goals and Student Learning Outcomes


The following goals and learning outcomes have been established for students pursuing a MS degree in Instructional Design and Technology:


Critically discriminate, compare, and select appropriate criteria, and effectively implement methodology for developing an effective instructional product.


Work productively in team, group or collaborative settings to achieve common goals or purposes.

Critical Thinking and Problem Solving

Critically analyze, evaluate and synthesize information as well as effectively generate, select, and apply appropriate solutions to solve problems in the development and implementation of the instructional product based on reasoned rationale.

Project Management

Plan, organize, and manage resources (including needs analyses, group dynamics and leadership) to methodically bring about completion of defined project goals and objectives.


Conduct, evaluate, interpret, and synthesize research and apply theoretical ideas to the development and implementation of an instructional product in a practical setting.

Technology Enabled Media Literacy

Compare, discriminate, design, implement and assess various media and technology sources in the development and implementation of the instructional product.

Written Communication

Effectively and critically present ideas in a logical framework in a variety of written forms with proper language structure and mechanics.

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Page updated: June 17, 2015