Frequently Asked Questions

The following represents a list of frequently asked questions and responses related to the MS Instructional Design and Technology Program.


How do I participate in the courses? All courses are offered online through a learning management system.

What is the application process? The application process consists of two steps. STEP 1:

Complete a formal online application to the university by due date indicated on the CSU Mentor site indicating your interest in the MSIDT Program at CSU Fullerton for each fall semester. You will then receive a username and ID from the University and can manage your own application process primarily the submission and evaluation of your official transcripts. As per the information you will receive through your CSU Mentor site, you will send your transcripts directly to the CSUF Admissions Office (P.O. Box 6900, Fullerton, CA 92834-6900). Note that it usually takes  3-4 months for your transcripts to be submitted and evaluated. In the meantime, you’ll need to continue on to STEP 2 in the MSIDT program application process.


Submit an essay and resume to the MSIDT Program and participate in a department phone interview. Please send your essay and resume as email attachments to for MSIDT Program review.

After your essay and resume have been received, a member of the department staff will contact you by e-mail to schedule an appointment for a telephone interview.  This interview is related to the information on both your essay and resume.


Please complete the technology survey. The link to the survey is posted in the Apply Now page of the website.


Please note that there is a minimum GPA requirement for admission to the university of 2.50 cumulative undergraduate GPA resulting in a BA/BS degree from an accredited institution and a 3.0 GPA department requirement. (GPA within 2.5 and 3.0 could be conditionally accepted  based on review of resume, essay and interview). Remember, the GRE is not a requirement, and references are not required. You will be able to see what is required at the university level for Admissions and Records when you apply through the CSU Mentor site for graduate admissions.

QUESTIONS: Please direct all program questions to or to the program office at (657) 278-2842. All questions concerning the online application and transcripts to the CSUF Admissions Help Line at (657) 278-7601.


This is a cohort program consisting of 10 courses. The program duration is 5 semesters. You will be taking 2 courses that link together each semester. As a cohort program, you will start the program with other students, and this means that you start at the beginning of the program and continue with the other students per the scheduled sequence. You cannot start at any point along the course sequence. If you do stop at some point for any reason and then want to continue your participation in the program, you will need to take the classes only when they are offered again in the cohort cycle.


Mandatory meetings:  There are 2 mandatory orientation Saturday meetings with additional fees. The fees are non-refundable and paid during the first semester of the program. The meetings are offered face-to-face and by video conference. Attendance and participation in the meetings is a graduation requirement for this degree. The program fees are listed here


The boot-up orientation for the fall semester is scheduled in August prior to the start of the new academic year. The “boot-up” consists of a variety of workshops and experiences acclimating you to the overall program requirements, faculty and support staff, program technology requirements, library database resources, e-learning course management system, final project and practicum expectations, Titan Card, and software purchases. During this orientation you will spend time meeting your classmates and getting to know one another. We help to establish the online community of learners during the session.


During the second year of the program, you will  participate in a mandatory  midpoint symposium usually scheduled in October. At the midpoint symposium, you will review progress to date in relationship to your professional goals and learning outcomes, confirm your final project and practicum activities and work intensively with a program advisor.

Mandatory orientation meetings have been approved by the Chancellor with a specific Executive Order that includes current fees of $345 for the boot-up camp and $228 for the midpoint symposium. Note that these fees are nonrefundable, subject to change, and will be assessed at the same time that you take the first term segment courses of IDT 505 and IDT 510. These fees are listed on the following webpage


Since the culminating project and practicum are essential program components that should link to your overall professional goals and learning expectations, you should have some preliminary ideas about both of these which you can discuss during your application interview. You should expect to continue to refine and expand these ideas during the Boot-up Orientation and throughout the program courses thus finalizing your focus at the midpoint checkpoint symposium.


We also have an officially sanctioned and outstanding alumni organization. Alumni members provide mentorship opportunities as you advance through the program, as well as, professional development, webinars and networking events. Please check the MSIDT Alumni Association at


You can check the campus website: for information about fees for the current academic year. Fees for courses beginning fall  will be forthcoming and will be at least 10% higher than current spring semester fees. This program is 6 units each term segment (2 courses of 3 units each) and there are 5 term segments total. As of 2017, there is an additional $198/term segment or $99/course for the Chancellor’s Office approved distance fee support for this program (which is approximately the same amount as parking for each semester which you will obviously not need!) tuition and California resident fees-approximately $2,637, subject to increase, current non-resident fees: $5013 approximately, plus 10%. All are subject to increase.

Please note that there are specific technology requirements in terms of hardware and software that are essential for your involvement in this program. These will be discussed during your phone interview and can also be found on the MSIDT Program website.

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Page updated: June 2, 2017