Once you have been admitted to the program, you will need to participate in a mandatory BOOT-UP ORIENTATION MEETING – the 1 day “boot-up” for the new fall cohort will be scheduled in August. There will also be a mandatory 1 day midpoint checkpoint symposium at the end of 3 term segments in early October, depending on availability.
The “boot-up” consists of a variety of workshops and experiences acclimating you to the overall program requirements, faculty and support staff, program technology requirements, library database resources, academic writing requirements, learning course management system, final project and practicum expectations, textbook ordering procedures, Titan Card, and software purchases.

The Boot Up Orientation and Midpoint Checkpoint Symposium will be held in on the California State University Fullerton campus. These mandatory orientation meetings have been approved by Chancellor Reed with a specific Executive Order that includes fees of $345 for the boot-up and $228 for the midpoint symposium. Note that these fees are non-refundable and will be assessed at the same time that you take the first term segment courses of IDT 505 and IDT 510.


During the fourth term segment a midpoint checkpoint symposium is schedule. All students are required to attend the symposium. At the symposium, you will review progress to date in relationship to your professional goals and learning outcomes, confirm your final project and practicum activities and work more intensively with a program advisor. The cohort meets and evaluates their progress and individual goals and projects are discussed in detail.

APA Writing Requirements During the Boot Up Orientation Meeting APA requirements are discussed in detail.

Titan Shops Time is allocated for the cohort to visit the campus bookstore and Titan Shops.

Moodle- Titanium Find out more about the learning management system used during the MSIDT program.

Project Examples interested in learning more about final project ideas and topics? Visit the project example link to learn more.

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Page updated: August 31, 2015