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Final Project and Practicum

Since the culminating project and practicum are essential program components that should link to your overall professional goals and learning expectations, you should have some preliminary ideas about both of these which you can discuss during your application interview.  You should expect to continue to refine and expand these ideas during the boot-up orientation and throughout the program course cycle, thus finalizing your focus at the midpoint checkpoint symposium.

Types of Projects

This page provides examples of the types of projects that alumni have completed. To view a select list of the project titles MSIDT Project Titles. Note that as technology changes and new issues in instructional design arise, the types of projects and the focus changes to reflect the changes.

In recent years students have integrated content related to emerging technology, mobile and just in time learning contexts, and elearning and multimedia environments

Typically the culminating projects are based on the interests and employment positions of current students enrolled in the program.

  • Web 2.0 Based Projects
  • Assessment and Certification Type Projects
  • Tutorial Type Projects
  • Website Design
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Page updated: May 26, 2017