Leadership is a quality that many individuals possess. In an online course format, leadership noticed and it is obvious when students take on a leadership role. Cohort Co-captains were first initiated in 2010 when two outstanding graduate students were nominated by their classmates to take on the leadership position. Since then, each cohort nominates two students to serve as Cohort Co-Captains.

Their role includes the following:

1. Maintain role throughout the entire MSIDT Program.

2. Act as liaison with the Program Director and MSIDT Faculty.

3. Assist with any non-technical questions, concerns or needs of the cohort that represent the entire membership; (note that personnel and internal programmatic infrastructure questions or issues are outside the purview of the Cohort Co-captains).

4. Assist with any other cohort needs as they might evolve throughout the program.

5. Assist with maintenance of any social media for cohort needs.

6. Establish communication with the MSIDT Alumni President regarding future involvement after commencement.

7. Communicate with previous Cohort Co-captains after assuming the position so as to maintain consistency with procedures and common needs.

8. Attend a training meeting with previous and current Cohort Co-captains, VP of Liaisons from the MSIDT Alumni Association and the Program Director.

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Page updated: April 25, 2016