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MSIDT Featured Alumnus Mr. Randall Fujimoto M.S.

Randall Fujimoto, class of 2010, started a nonprofit educational organization called GameTrain Learning to promote game-based learning in education after graduation. Recently, he added a for-profit division of GameTrain Learning to design and develop games for the training industry. His new business focuses on creating transmedia training games, which was his research focus of his MSIDT final project. We asked Randall if he applies anything he learned while earning his Master of Science degree, he stated that “I worked in the video game industry prior to the MSIDT program, so I was able to combine my gaming experience with the skills and knowledge that I gained in the program to better understand how game-based learning can effectively be utilized in education. Specifically, being able to learn about and apply instructional design and learning theory, social and online learning principles, and motivation theory to gaming activities has allowed me to create programs to educate teachers and other educators about game-based learning.”Randall has remained connected to the MSIDT Alumni Association and has hosted webinars about gaming and serves as a mentor to current graduate students. We wanted to know if Randall would recommend the MSIDT program to others. He said “Most definitely! Not only will you become a part of a strong online community of learners, but also, and maybe more importantly, you will learn about the process of learning and how this process can make you a better self-directed, lifelong learner.” The MSIDT program connects theory to practice and prepares student in their future careers as instructional designers, elearning professionals, and many other careers. My MSIDT degree enabled me to start a nonprofit educational organization called GameTrain Learning to promote game-based learning in education. Our programs include professional development workshops for educators, game-based curriculum design, educational game development, and game-based college workshops.
If you are interested in applying, please visit us at or call us at 657-278-3639 or email


Mr. Mike Ryu, M.S., graduated in May, 2016 from the MSIDT program. Mike recently landed his dream job! He is an Instructional Designer at the USC Marshall School of Business. Not only did Mike obtain the skills he needed from the MSIDT program, but he also became more confident and knowledgeable. Mike states, “There were many benefits after the completing my MSIDT degree.  I became more confident when I applied for jobs and went on interviews. I developed the skills and knowledge needed to be a successful instructional designer, and I am supported by a great network of fellow MSIDT alumni.”The MSIDT program gave Mike Ryu a great foundation to pursue his long term career goals. Real work experience opened many doors for Mike. Mike worked as freelance instructional designer for various non-profits in Orange County while completing his degree. One of Mike’s references is Christa Seiwert from Emergency Operations Manager at OneOC. She writes, “Mike is very detail-oriented and works well in teams. He created an orientation tutorial for our Disaster Response Program that will help propel our program to where it needs to be and save the volunteer managers time! The most amazing thing about him was that he went out of his way to learn about our program so he was sure to get the tutorial right! I highly recommend Mike Ryu for any instructional designing project!”

One of the great things about the MSIDT program is many learning theories and instructional strategies are taught in each course and students get to actually practice and produce materials. Mike told us that even though he is just starting his new position at USC, he is already applying much of what he learned from the MSIDT coursework. This is Mike’s first time working in the higher education sector. Mike is confident and fully prepared to start designing full courses for the online MBA program. Mike has a gift of seeing the big picture, and it serves him well.  Mike Ryu was able to quickly understand the vision of the senior instructional designers on the online learning team!

The MSIDT coursework provided Mike with the knowledge, skills and abilities to complete a variety projects. Mike created projects with Adobe Captivate which helped him start as a freelancing instructional designer. Mike posted his projects on his portfolio website which helped him secure work with local non-profit organizations.

An important aspect of the MSIDT program is the vibrant alumni association. Mike is connected with the MSIDT Alumni Association.  Mike states, “I have received suggestions and tips for preparing for interviews.  Getting insight from fellow alumni in the higher education sector was a great way to prepare for interviews.”

We always ask our alumni if they would recommend the MSIDT program to other prospective students. Mike replied with a big, “Yes!”  “I would recommend the MSIDT program to other prospective students.  The senior instructional designers that I work with at USC were familiar with the CSUF’s MSIDT program and I feel that the program provided me with a strong foundation to helped me succeed in landing my dream job.”

Thank you for taking the time to learn about Mike Ryu’s accomplishments!

We are proud of our alumni and their success stories. If you are interested in earning a Master of Science in Instructional Design and Technology, please contact us at:

Written by, Lora B. Pezzell, MSIDT, Cohort 14.

Featured Alumna of the Month “Jean-Marie Venturini”

Jean-Marie Venturini, M.S. graduated in 2016. Jean-Marie is currently an Instructional Designer, at Otis College of Art and Design in Los Angeles, California.

Jean-Marie is responsible for providing assistance to faculty for online, blended or technology enhanced courses. In addition, she provides technical support for faculty in the development of new courses with applied learning theory and current instructional design methodologies.

Jean-Marie’s colleagues and managers were interested in what she had learned, as a result of earning her Master of Science in Instructional Design and Technology. Her colleagues were ready to begin developing new projects and initiatives in eLearning! A strong background in adult learning theory has been helpful to Jean-Marie in developing new projects. Jean-Marie states, “As I work with faculty, I can provide better context for teaching best practices – answering why certain practices work better than others.”

During the MSIDT program, Jean-Marie received approval to execute her thesis project which focused on training and on-boarding new faculty.  Jean-Marie states, “The goal was to create a virtual and interactive classroom guide to prepare faculty before they come to campus and to establish a sense of community. This effort and launch resulted in a evaluation of on-campus orientation and training for new faculty and focused on a proactive approach.”

The MSIDT program curriculum provided Jean-Marie with the knowledge skills and abilities to complete a variety of projects at Otis College. Jean-Marie developed and taught an online pedagogy course for faculty focusing on best practices in eLearning.  The training program was titled “Bricks + Clicks: The How-To of eLearning.” In addition, Jean-Marie participated in several eLearning initiatives including The iPad Pilot Project, Faculty iProject, a partnership with Stanford OHS to teach online synchronous drawing, and Otis MOOCs

Jean-Marie has many talents, another area that she excels in is writing.

  • Learning By Doing: Using ePortfolios for Assessment at Otis College of Art and Design” it was published in Library Hi Tech News. Dr. Parme Giuntini & Jean-Marie Venturini
  • Co-authored a chapter for the Great Big MOOC Book, titled “Hijacking the MOOC: Reflections on Creating/Teaching an Art History MOOC”
  • Co-presenter and Co-author at the 2016 Online Learning Consortium Innovate Conference at the New Orleans Solutions Design Summit on “Overcoming Barriers and Resistance to Training/Development Programs.”

We always ask our alumni if they would recommend the MSIDT program to other prospective students. Jean-Marie states, “I would, especially to those getting started in Instructional Design or individuals like me who started out as an adjunct faculty and organically found themselves in Instructional Design. It is helpful to have context of what the field is about, and get that solid foundation.”

We are proud of Jean-Marie’s accomplishments!

We are proud of our alumni and their success stories. Thank you for taking the time to read and find out about our alumni. If you are interested in earning a Master of Science in Instructional Design and Technology, please contact us at:

Written by, Lora B. Pezzell, MSIDT, Cohort 14.


Featured MSIDT Alumna



Cindy Edwards is an MSIDT graduate; she earned her degree in 2009. Cindy is currently a design developer, educator, and collaborator for I.D.E.A. In addition, Cindy is also an adjunct faculty and facilitator for Education Northwest.

In her spare time, Cindy is a weed wrangler, savvy sewist and culinary consort.  Since graduating, Cindy has accomplished much as an instructional designer.  Cindy states:

“I completed the MSIDT program with an extra level of confidence in applying knowledge developed as a corporate trainer in a variety of industries.  Having the ability to articulate what I do as an instructional designer to others is very rewarding.  I can effectively combine technology with learning and education theory in ways that maximize learning in a meaningful way for all users.”

Immediately after graduating, Cindy Edwards collaborated with MSIDT faculty member, Cynthia Gautreau, Ed.D., and published a peer reviewed article titled: An Evaluation of Wiki Implementation in a Teacher Education Course, The Teacher Education Quarterly Journal Special Online Edition, 2010.

Here is the link to the article:

In addition, Cindy helped facilitate multiple sections of VISTA Blend: Resource Development, a 10-week course guide on building capacity and developing fund raising and sustainability for a gardening project.

She worked as an Instructional Designer at Sacramento State University and created and designed curriculum for the several for-credit courses including the Technical Writing, and Train the Trainer Certificate Programs.Cindy is also a Website Designer and Manager for various organizations, Cove Community Association, City of Union Chamber of Commerce, Guyers and Associates, CPA, and Folly Farm of Oregon.

The knowledge, skills and abilities that Cindy learned while in the MSIDT program are utilized every day.  Cindy states:  “Knowing how the components of premade templates and rapid design tools work has helped me cross technology lines in unexpected ways. Having familiarity with elements of interactions and how it influence’s a users’ learning experience, provides a flexible foundation that I draw from on every project.”

Cindy integrates design theory into practice for the work she does on a routine basis. In fact, most recently, Cindy has worked extensively with at least a five learning-content management systems, three website-building platforms, and several rapid design products. Cindy has had a variety of roles including: instructional designer, developer, and a faculty member. She is currently working on writing more publications by combining her passion for instructional design and learning with her hobby, Folly Farm, heirloom gardening. In addition, the breadth of Cindy’s experience with learning technologies has placed her in two unexpected roles: communication manager of social media and website design for local community groups and festivals. Cindy also facilitates online courses focused on fundraising for non-profit organizations all over the globe.

Cindy is a connection with the MSIDT Alumni Association. Cindy lives and works remotely from a home office in a rural area which makes connections near and far critical to survival of her business. The MSIDT Alumni Chapter helps Cindy stay connected with fellow alumni, through social media such as LinkedIn and Facebook. She networks with several alumni from nearly all MSIDT previous cohorts through the alumni group and groups related to instructional design theory and practice. Cindy states that she strives to share business, contract, and other employment opportunities as they come available with her colleagues.

Ms. Edwards highly recommends the MSIDT program. Cindy states, “The pairing of theory and practice in each semester ensures that students from an array of prior disciplines have the opportunity to apply and share prior experiences in new ways, some that suit them best and others that push them beyond typical comfort zones — just far enough to stretch transfer-ability. While online learning is not for everyone, students who demonstrate aptitude for online learning will find this program rich in content, interaction, and foundational experience. “

We are proud of our alumni and their success stories. Thank you for taking the time to read and find out about our alumni. If you are interested in earning a Master of Science in Instructional Design and Technology, please contact us at:

Written by, Lora B. Pezzell, MSIDT, Cohort 14.

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