Alumni Webinars

Ericah Miller
Ms. Ericah Miller, M.A.
Corporate Recruiter
Ms.Ericah Miller, M.A. Corporate Recruiter is a CSUF Alumni. She holds a Master of Art in Psychological Research. She is a technical recruiter for Aquent, a premier staffing firm located in Los Angeles, CA. She sources jobs for Fortune 500 companies, specializing in the Financial Services Industry.During the webinar, Mr. Miller discussed the use of LinkedIn as a recruitment resource. She shared the type of information that individuals should add to their LinkedIn profiles to highlight their talents, education and skills. The webinar was interactive and multiple participants asked pertinent questions regarding the design of their LinkedIn profiles.

Teresa Crawford

Mr. John Flores, M.S.
Corporate Instructional Designer
Mr. Flores, M.S. provided insight about securing a position as an instructional designer in a corporate environment. He was a guest speaker and readily answered questions from current students regarding his career, experiences, and resume building strategies.Mr. Flores, M.S. is an MSIDT alumnus. His research gamification in a blended learning environment to enhance student motivation. Specifically, the integration of game-aspects in a technical environment consisting of instructor-led training (ILT) and supplemented by online learning (eLearning) as a validation method. Mr. Flores, M.S. is an active member of the MSIDT Alumni Chapter and serves as the Vice President of Chapter Development.

Mrs. Claudia Acosta, M.S., Higher Education Instructional Designer
Mrs. Acosta, M.S. is an MSIDT alumnus. Her research focused on flipped classroom design and development to engage students in active learning. Mrs. Acosta led an interactive question and answer session with current students. She discussed her career in higher education, her instructional design experience, and the support she provides to faculty. Many participants had questions about her career and the projects that she develops.

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Page updated: January 21, 2017