National Science Teachers Association - Student Chapter

What is the National Science Teaching Association?  

The largest professional organization by and for teachers of science, the National Science Teaching Association was founded in 1944 and has extensive resources online . The NSTA chapter at CSUF brings together a community of individuals who want to become science educators and organizes activities related to the teaching of science. Any interest in science education is welcome, including but not limited to: K-16 teaching, research and discourse, support for equity, and current events. As a group, we are committed to learning and implementing effective practices of science teaching and promoting inclusive learning in STEM. We welcome students to further explore their interest in teaching science!

As a member, you will receive FREE student membership in NSTA (fee paid by the MSTI project at CSUF) and be invited to NSTA club events at CSUF and online.

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Resources to explore about science teaching and science education:

Connected Learning in STEM (free e-book)Opens in new window

Lesson Plans for ScienceOpens in new window (some free; some require login)

Webinars for Science EducatorsOpens in new window (requires login)

K-12 Science CollectionOpens in new window (requires login)

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