Professional Development Model

The Center’s model for professional development is based on creating genuine relationships, trust in teachers’ desire and ability to improve, and in ongoing site support.

Each professional development project is generally a year-long relationship with teachers at selected school sites within a district. Each project is specifically designed to meet the needs of the schools and teachers involved.

Although our model is highly responsive to different contexts, it is based on a set of particular elements:

Initial Needs-Assessment:   Center coordinators work with administrators and teachers to determine current practices, identify specific needs, and set goals to meet them. Learning Institutes: Teachers learn together at a set of highly-focused professional development institutes designed to meet specified needs. Generally, teachers attend 20-24 institute hours. Most often, there is an intensive 2-day institute with a number of follow-up sessions. The number and length of institutes varies by need and resources.

On-Going Site Support:   The Center works with teachers to develop content and provides materials for classroom implementation. Center coordinators and staff then work on-site with teachers providing support as they begin to implement their new knowledge and skills in the classroom. The type of support offered varies and is designed to fit the personal needs of the teachers involved.

On-Going Needs-Assessment:   Center coordinators and staff provide multiple opportunities to evaluate progress as implementation takes place. Additional institutes and implementation support are designed based on identification of developing needs.

Sustained Implementation:   Teachers acquire the confidence and competence to continue implementation on their own.