Reading Educator Resources

  • International Reading Association (IRA) – The IRA web page provides information regarding membership, conferences and conventions, IRA publications, Standards for English Language Arts, Special Interest Groups, and other IRA services including job postings and research opportunities.
    From this site you can also access the IRA’s new electronic journal.
  • California Reading Association – This site provides information about CRA membership, CRA events, publications, citations and awards, as well as, related links for educators.
  • College Reading and Learning Association – This site provides information about CRLA membership and member benefits, publications, CRLA Officers, certifications and awards, as well as, current conference information.
  • National Association for Developmental Education (NADE) – This site provides information about NADE services and support, job information, conferences, special interest groups, publications, and resources for developmental educators.
  • U.S. Department of Education – This site provides information about Goals 2000, programs (Office of Elementary, Secondary, Special Education, Post-Secondary, Vocational, and Bilingual Education), and resources (National Library of Education, State Literacy Resource Centers, Toll Free Information Phone #’s).
  • California State University Fullerton – The CSUF homepage provides links to Admissions and Records, Library, Research, Events, Schools and Departments, Athletics and more CSUF campus news.
  • Teachers Network – This site is a great resource for teachers. It includes articles, columns and discussions on all aspects of literacy instruction.
  • Literacy Leaders – This site is a great resource for all literacy educators including teachers, parents, principals, librarians, professors, consultants, and curriculum directors.
  • Scholastic – This site contains lesson plans, reproducibles, a resource finder, and a place to exchange ideas with other teachers. The site also provides teacher discussion guides for teaching with literature which can be accessed by title.
  • Book Adventure – This site provides fun, educational interactive reading tools for your students. You will also find a “Teachers Lounge” with links to seminar and conference information, and educational sites.
  • Carol Hurst Literature Site – This is a collection of reviews of great books for kids, ideas of ways to use them in the classroom and collections of books and activities about particular subjects, curriculum areas, themes and professional topics
  • Nuttinbutkids – This page was designed for childcare providers to develop lesson plans. Think of it as a living archive of tried and true activities to do with your children. Many childcare providers have tested the activities out and found them to be entertaining as well as educational 
  • California Reading List – The 13 reading lists available at this website are progressive in terms of difficulty. Each list is made up of a collection of titles slightly more difficult than the titles on the list preceding it. 
  • Awesome Library – Fourteen thousand previewed resources including: lesson plans, activities, and references. 
  • Teacher Vision – Check out “Class WebCreate” to build your own site. Class gradebooks and online quizzes available. 
  • All Kinds of Minds – This site, by Dr. Mel Levine, reflects his work in brain research and its implications for education.
  • Family Literacy Handbook created by Heather Wilson Herrera, M.S. – download this free handbook
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Page updated: April 8, 2015