Outstanding Volunteer

Croy Committee 6-19-10

The Volunteer Of the Year Award is given most years by the CSUF Coordinating Council of Support Groups. Recipients are recognized for demonstrating service and commitment to the ideals of volunteer leadership, REG, and the university.

2017 Linda Vander Wende President
2016 Matt Harris Vice-President
2015 Kimberly Mundala Technology  Coordinator
2014 Carlen Le-Hessinger Newsletter Editor
2013 not awarded
2012 not awarded
2011 not awarded
2010 Hazel Miller Croy Committee
2009 JoAnne Greenbaum Web Page Coordinator
2008 Kathi Bartle Angus President
2007 Donna Padgett VP Programs
2006 Gena Lovett Newsletter Editor
2005 Jan Bagwell President
2004 Toni Chambers VP Membership
2003 Jordan Fabish Newsletter Editor
2002 Kathi Bartle Angus Faculty Liason
2001 Jan Bagwell President
2000 Donna Padgett President
1999 Janice Blanton Newsletter Editor
1998 JoAnne Greenbaum President
1997 Diane Urias President
1996 Julie Zeller Simpson President
1995 Toni Maya VP Membership


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Page updated: June 9, 2017