In prerequisite, credential and graduate courses in the Department of Special Education, students will be expected to:

  • Meet California State Fullerton’s level of computer competency for entering freshman ( :
    All entering students are expected to be knowledgeable in the use of a personal computer (PC or Macintosh) prior to being admitted to the university. Entering students should have 1) the ability to use a personal computer to locate, create, move, copy, delete, name, rename, and save files and folders on hard drives and on secondary storage devices such as floppy disks; 2) the ability to use a word-processing program that runs on a PC or Macintosh computer to create, edit, format, store, retrieve, and print documents; 3) the ability to use an electronic mail system to receive, create, edit, print, save, and send an e-mail message with and without an attached file; and 4) the ability to use an Internet browser to search the World Wide Web.
  • Have ongoing reliable access to a computer with Internet connectivity for regular course assignments;
  • Utilize MS Office XP or 2003 (including Word, PowerPoint, and Excel) to learn content and communicate with colleagues and faculty;
  • Have the ability to regularly print assignments;
  • Maintain and access three times weekly a student email account;
  • Use Internet search and retrieval skills to complete assignments;
  • Upgrade his/her skills in educational technology throughout the program;
  • Apply his/her educational technology skills to complete expected competencies;
  • Utilize other software applications as course requirements dictate;
  • Utilize Blackboard to access course materials and complete assignments; and
  • Create lessons that require preK-12 student use of educational technologies to improve learning and achievement.
  • Conduct themselves appropriately and professionally when online. (See

It is highly recommended that students use a PC platform with Windows 2002 or higher OR a MAC platform with Mac OS 9 or higher.

Please note: Students who do not use their university email account will miss important information.                                                                                                                          

In order to use Blackboard effectively, Cal State Fullerton’s Office of Information Technology recommends that students meet the following requirements:


  • Use of Web browsers.
  • Entering Uniform Resource Locators (URL’s ).
  • Downloading files from the Internet.
  • Completing online forms.

Hardware Requirements

  • A live Internet connection. Students will need access to the Internet using a telephone connection, DSL, or cable modem.
  • A monitor capable of displaying information at least 800×600 pixels. For best performance, access Blackboard using 1024×768 resolution or higher.

Software Requirements

  • Use the Microsoft Internet Explorer Web browser (5.0 or higher) or Netscape Navigator 4.7 only (do not use a higher version). Mac users can use the Safari Web browser.
  • Do not use the AOL browser to access Blackboard.
  • Although it is not required to access Blackboard, students should have Microsoft Office 2003 or XP installed in their personal computers to view and access documents provided by the instructor. Students also need access to Publisher.

To be successful in your classes , you need regular access to a reliable computer that is Internet-connected and has Microsoft Office XP or 2003. It is your responsibility to find access to these resources. It may be that you need to barter with a neighbor or family member to use their facilities. Below are some other places to consider for computer access:

  • Library Computer Labs: Information on the facilities and hours of operation for the CSUF Library Computer Labs is provided at MS Office XP (Word, PowerPoint, and Excel) and Publisher are available. Please request a computer with Publisher if you are in need of that application. All campus computers will migrate to MS Office 2003 in Fall 2004.
  • Irvine Campus: El Toro offers PC computer classrooms and laboratory with a few Mac computers for student use. Laboratory in Room 145 is available for student use.
  • Local Libraries: Most local libraries have Internet-connected computers available for public use. In addition, they may have a technology support staff member who can provide additional assistance.
  • Titan Shops Computers: Students may purchase computers and software at excellent student rates! For example, student prices on Dell notebooks start at $700!
  • Titan Help Desk: 657-278-7777 or email for troubleshooting support.
  • Titan Shops TechRoom: :16080/fullerton/: Provides low-cost services for repair and troubleshooting student, faculty, and staff computers.
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Page updated: March 19, 2013