Candidate Support and Evaluation

Teacher Candidates are supported throughout the program as they complete key assignments and are provided critical feedback on their developing knowledge and skills.

Course Key Assignments

  • Course Assignments, Lesson Plans, Unit Plans, Lesson Plan Notebook
  • Designed to help candidates develop the knowledge and skills to be an effective teacher in California public schools.

Candidate Support and Feedback

  • Coaching Cycle Forms,  Teacher Candidate improvement Plan
  • Provide critical feedback to candidates of their progress in the field, and, when necessary, provide a detailed directions and guidance for improving practice.

Candidate Evaluations

  • Course grades, TPE Level of Proficiency,  Standard 8 Subject Matter EvaluationTeaching Performance Assessment
  • Provide candidates with feedback on their progress and performance.  
  • Conducted at multiple points and by multiple individuals throughout the program.
  • See the  Program Transition Points  for specific criteria.