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The College of Education offers multiple subject, single subject, and special education teaching credentials. Faculty members teaching credential programs are nationally recognized for their contributions to the field of education. Moreover, our programs are nationally accredited (NCATE) and meet the California Commission on Teacher Credentialing (CCTC) requirements. Our programs are highly regarded as leaders in education whose candidates are well-prepared to act as change agents for the future. 

Each program is a multi-semester process, where our students move between theoretical knowledge provided in coursework and the practical experience gained in secondary classroom; developing philosophical and methodological perspectives that are tested in practical experience.


MULTIPLE SUBJECT (Elementary Education, Grades TK - 8th)

Our Multiple Subject Credential Program prepares students to teach at the elementary school and middle school levels (grades Transitional Kindergarten (TK) - 8). The Multiple Subject Credential Program, offered through our Elementary and Bilingial Education Department, provides exemplary preparation for candidates dedicated to improving teaching and learning for all children. 

We offer the following multiple subject credentials options:

  • Preliminary Credential in Multiple Subject Teaching
  • Combined Preliminary Multiple Subject Teaching Credential and M.S. in Education
  • Clear Credential in Multiple Subject Teaching


Single Subject (Secondary Education, GRADES 6TH - 12th)

Our Single Subject Credential programs prepare students to teach at the high school and middle school levels (grades 6 - 12). The Single Subject Credential programs provide a logical sequence among the critical components of teacher education, including subject matter preparation, pedagogical instruction, fieldwork observation, participation in classroom activities and student teaching. 

We offer single subject credentials in: Art, English, FLM (Foundational Level Math), FLS (Foundational Level Science), Mathematics, Music, Physical Education, Science, Social Studies, Theatre, and World Languages.  

T he following single subject credentials options are available:

  • Preliminary Credential in Single Subject Teaching (can also be completed through our Intern Program)
  • Combined Single Subject Teaching Credential and M.S. in Culturally Responsive Teaching
  • Clear Credential in Single Subject Teaching


SPECIAL EDUCATION (Mild/Moderate and Moderate/Severe Disabilities)

Our Special Education programs prepare teachers to work with students with mild to moderate or moderate to severe disabilities. You will be provided with the theoretical concepts and practical experience required to effectively serve learners with needs.  Each program is designed to support you as you grow into a special educator that leads your classroom with understanding, knowledge, compassion, and confidence. 

The following special education credentials options are available:

  • Preliminary Credential in Mild/Molderate Disabilites  ( can also be completed  through our Intern Program)
  • P reliminary Credential in Molderate/Severe Disabilites (can also be completed through our Intern Program)
  • Clear Credential in Early Childhood Special Education (can also be completed through our Intern Program)
  • Clear Credential in Mild/Molderate Disabilites
  • Clear Credential in Molderate/Severe Disabilites 
  • Clear Credential in Early Childhood Special Education
  • Special Education Intern Credential Program


Administrative Services Credential

Our Adminstrative Services Credential  program prepares educators interested in improving education and education access and who want to advance their careers by becoming public school administrators and educational leaders. People who apply to our program are working in P-12 settings as teachers, other professionals who possess a California teaching or services credential, or are students from outside of the United States who want to develop their skills as educational leaders. 

The following adminstrative services credential options are available:

  •  Preliminary Adminstrative Services Credential
  • Combined Preliminary Adminstrative Services Credential and M.S. in Educational Adminstration 
  • Clear  Adminstrative Services Credential



Our Reading/Language Arts Specialist Credential program prepared educators to improve reading and literacy achievement at school site, district, and county levels in for students in preschool through highschool, and for classes organized primarily for adults. People who apply to our program hold a valid California Single Subject, Multiple Subject, or Special Education teaching credential and possess an English Learner Authorization.

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