Summer Institute 2016

MONDAY, JULY 18, 2016
Day 1

The director of California Association for BilingualEducation (CABE), Dr. Kris Nicholls, began the first session of the Institute with a presentation on using standards from theAmerican Council for the Teaching of Foreign Language(ACTFL) to build effective lessons, which was then followed by CSUF’s Dr. James Hussar’s Goals and Expectations for theInstitute. CSUF’s Dr. Setsue Shibata then shared Japanese language resources. Afterward, participants began revising their own existing lessons in preparation for the next four days.

TUESDAY, JULY 19, 2016

Day 2

CSUF’s Ms. Meiko Shimura began her presentation on“Effective Lesson Planning for Elementary JapaneseClasses, which was then followed by CSUF’s Ms. TonjaByrom presentation on “How to Create an Effective Lesson.”
Participants then had an opportunity to revise the lessons they developed from Day 1.

Blank Lesson Plan Template Tonja Byrom

Lesson plan L2 G1 (M. Shimura)

Lesson plan L4 G1 (M. Shimura)



Day 3

Dr. Tammie Tran presented on “Effective Lessons: Multifunctional Learning Activities” while Ms. Jessica Fraser showed participants how to integrate technology into their classroom by using Mystery Hangouts. At the end of the day, teachers demonstrated their micro-lessons and received feedback from both the facilitator of the day, CSUF’s Dr.Fernando Rodriguez-Valls, and their peers.

Mystery Hangouts Notes Page


Day 4

CSUF’s Dr. Adrian Jung shared many online resources for Korean language teachers, including audio lessons, and offered small prizes to participants. Dr. Ding-Jo Currie, former chancellor of Coastline Community Colleges and current CSUF professor, facilitated the first LeadershipDevelopment workshop. This interactive workshop affirmed this truth: Teachers are Leaders.

FRIDAY, JULY 22, 2016

Day 5

Switching gears, the day began with CSUF’s Dr. SharonChappell presenting on “Inclusive Practices in theClassroom” while Ms. Tonja Byrom facilitated the second day of leadership development. The day ended with a certificate ceremony for all participants.


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