2016 – Dr. Jennifer Goldstein

Dr. Jennifer Goldstein

California Collaborative for Educational Excellence

I am seeking the Holmes Faculty Fellowship in order to directly serve children in some of California’s worst educational settings, while engaging in an incredible (potentially once-in-a-lifetime) professional development opportunity. I am proposing to use my release time to work with the California Collaborative for Educational Excellence  (CCEE), a new state agency that will direct the state’s evolving school improvement system. The Legislature established the CCEE in the 2013 law creating the Local Control Funding Formula (including a $10 million appropriation); the CCEE was formed in 2015. The CCEE must build capacity for best educational practices (both teaching and leadership) and oversee the accountability sections of the funding formula. Carl Cohn is the CCEE’s first executive director.

Given the early stage of CCEE development, and the fact that I met with Cohn literally yesterday (3-15-16), my ability to be precise regarding some of the specifics of the proposed fellowship is limited. Dr. Cohn and I talked for about an hour and a half about possible ways CCEE work is going to unfold, and what role(s) I might possibly play. He and his two-member team are still determining where (in which districts) CCEE will be working—let alone how precisely CCEE will support those locations.

Ideally, of course, I would like to say that I expect an improvement in instructional quality and student learning outcomes at target site(s) served by CCEE. Realistically, we know that it takes approximately three years to see a school turn around under the best of circumstances (highest quality support), and the duration of this fellowship is only one semester. Therefore, the outcome I can reasonably expect to accomplish is to play a valuable role in the CCEE’s early conversations about how to proceed, about where to target support, about what supports to provide, and about who should provide them.

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