Where Leaders Grow


The tagline “where leaders grow” was first coined by Dr. Louise Adler, the founding director of the Ed.D. program at Cal State Fullerton.  This phrase connects our program to the agricultural history of Fullerton and Orange County as signified in the orange trees included in the CSUF seal.  “Where leaders grow” is also consistent with our belief that leaders are not born.  Instead, we believe leadership is taught and learned, and that leaders can be grown and developed.  Teaching leadership is an organic process, a mix of art and science that builds from the ground up and works from the inside out.  We begin with students where they are and as they are.  Our goal is to help them discover strengths within—strengths that reflect their unique cultures, abilities, life experiences.  This type of growth and development requires vibrancy in a learning community where instructors guide and facilitate dialog among current and emerging leaders.  The process is often difficult, yet deeply rewarding and transformational.   So if this brief description of what we value resonates with you, then we invite you to come see where leaders grow!

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Page updated: July 10, 2013