Elementary and Bilingual Education
The Department of Elementary and Bilingual Education offers two program options for students wishing to complete their credential requirements while currently teaching in a multiple subject, public school classroom. Option A is a three-semester program that begins during the spring semester only. The first semester is full time and the last two semesters include evening classes only. The program enables candidates to complete the final two semesters of their professional preparation while teaching full-time in a participating school district. Option B is designed for students currently enrolled in our traditional three-semester program (which differs from Option A). As a candidate in this program, you will only take classes in the evenings. At the start of any semester of the program, you are eligible to become an intern. To become an Option B Intern you must 1) receive approval from your Block Leader and 2) receive a job offer from one of our approved districts.

Secondary Education
The Professional Track/Intern Program in the Single Subject Credential at California State University, Fullerton is designed for students who wish to complete credential requirements while currently teaching in their credential preparation subject area/s in the public schools. Students are admitted into the program following approval of the subject area advisor according to the application process for the Single Subject Credential Program. Information may be obtained by attending a Single Subject Credential Program Overview or downloading application materials from the Secondary Education web site. Students may participate in this professional track as they enter the program or they may switch into this track upon accepting a contracted internship teaching assignment in their content area during the first three weeks of the first semester of the program or at the beginning of their second semester in the program. It is the responsibility of the candidate to obtain an intern teaching position in their area of subject matter competence. Internships may be arranged with any Orange County school district that completes an internship agreement.

Special Education
The intern program at CSUF is a rigorous two-year training commitment resulting in a clear education specialist credential, with the option of a Masters with two additional courses.

The Intern Program is designed for persons who are already working or about to be working in the field as educators at a public school. Often, when persons in our credential programs receive a job offer from a School District they choose to become an intern.Others enroll as Interns when they have been placed in an environment where they already work with children in a Special Education setting.

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Page updated: October 9, 2012