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TIME LINE: Applications for academic year 2017-2018 academic year will be accepted beginning in January 2017.  The deadline for the majority of the College of Education scholarships will be February 2017 (please refer to each scholarship criteria for more information). Recipients will receive their disbursement from the CSUF Financial Aid office beginning the week before fall 2017 classes start and continue throughout the semester.  Awards are given once per year.

APPLICATION PROCESS: Review the list of College of Education scholarships here.

• Identify the scholarships for which you meet the criteria and exceed the minimum qualifications. You want to be considered for as many scholarships as possible, so select as many scholarships as you wish to target in your application.

• Read descriptions carefully, making note of the requirements and deadlines for each scholarship for which you wish to be considered.  Most, but not all COE scholarships, will be handled through the online application process through your Student Portal “Scholarships” button.

• Follow specific instructions carefully.

• Check your email for notification of when scholarship applications open! Apply to the scholarships as soon as they open using the online application form available through your Student Portal, “Scholarships” button, unless otherwise noted in scholarship description.

• In addition to completing the online application, upload any and all materials required for the scholarship you wish to be considered for, including essays or statements specified by in the scholarship description.

• Applicants and selected recipients will be notified via the email address on record. Keep your email address current – Log into your student portal to update email address!

Incomplete and/or late applications will not be considered.  Please contact Aimee Nelson, (657) 278-4161 or, if you have any questions.  Please call the Financial Aid Office at (657) 278-3125 for all other questions. 

Check the Student Financial Services website for the latest fee information.

Credential fees are for those students pursuing their initial teaching credential who have been officially admitted into the Multiple Subject, Single Subject, or Education Specialist programs only (students taking pre-requisite courses are not officially admitted).  Students who hold a valid first credential and are admitted to a second credential program pay the Graduate rate.

Credential students must also pay a non-refundable “Credential Off-Campus Supervision” fee for student teaching.  This fee is $90/semester and is in addition to the credential student tuition fees.  Click here for more information about credential fees.

Credential students in an Intern program pay the Credential rate.

Students who are simultaneously enrolled in a Credential and Master’s program pay the Graduate rate.

A Graduate student is defined as any student having already earned a bachelor’s degree.

The CSUF Financial Aid Office assists our students with loans, grants and scholarships to help fund their education. Call (657) 278-3125 or email for more information.

Visit the Financial Literacy page for money saving ideas.

For basic information about financial aid and how to apply please watch this Financial Aid podcast (approximately 12 minutes in length). You can also download a copy of the slides to keep for your information.

Apply for financial aid early.
To determine your estimated eligibility for financial aid, complete this online worksheet. If eligible, complete the online application after January 1st (for the following fall/spring semesters or academic year). The earlier you apply, the better your chances that your funds will be available the first week of the semester. Do not wait until you are admitted to the university or program to apply for aid.

Loan Forgiveness Programs
Assumption Program of Loans for Education – APLE is a state-funded, competitive teacher incentive program.  If you are eligible for this program you can have up to $19000 of college loan balances paid by the California Student Aid Commission.  Go to APLE Program for more information. Not available in 2015-2016.

Direct Loans and Federal Stafford Loan Forgiveness Programs for teachers may forgive $5000-$17500 in student loans for teachers in certain specialties, teachers must complete 5 consecutive full-time teaching years in low-income schools and meet other requirements: Stafford Loan Forgiveness for Teachers

Loan Cancellation Program
Federal Perkins Loans may cancel up to 100% of your loan if you serve full-time in a public or nonprofit elementary or secondary school system that qualifies as a “high-need” institution:  Federal Student Aid Teacher Loan Forgiveness

Teacher Education Assistance for College and Higher Education (TEACH) Grant
You could be awarded up to $4000 per year during the Credential or Master’s programs as long as you fulfill a specified teaching commitment after graduation. Click here for more information.

Financial Aid for AB540 Students AB540 students (other than nonimmigrant alien) are not California residents but attended a California High School for 3 or more years and graduated (or attained the equivalent). These students are exempt from non-resident tuition and can apply for state aid:

FinAid: TheSmart Students Guide to Financial Aid Scholarships
Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) Application
Financial Aid for Teacher Credential Student Scholarships available through the California Teachers Association
Graduate Student Scholarships 


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Page updated: July 21, 2016