Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between the Credential Preparation Center and Admission to Teacher Education?

The Credential Preparation Center acts as the liaison between the Commission on Teacher Credentialing (CTC) and the credential applicant. When you have completed the credential program you will contact this office to receive your credential application.

The Admission to Teacher Education Program provides applicant information on California State University, Fullerton’s numerous credential programs. They also assist with admission into the credential programs.

How do I contact the Commission on Teacher Credentialing?

Visit the CTC website at to answer most questions you will encounter regarding credentialing in California. If you need further assistance send an e-mail to or call (916) 322-4974 (M-F 12:30pm-4:30pm).

What is the procedure to renew a Clear Credential?

  • Follow the instructions on the CTC Renewal page at
  • Answer the Personal and Professional Fitness questions. If you answer “yes” to a question, a full explanation is required in the text box provided.
  • Complete all required fields to process your payment. You will receive an e-mail confirmation shortly thereafter at the email address you provided.
  • Print the confirmation of payment page for your records.
  • If you have any questions please call the Commission on Teacher Credentialing at (916) 322-4974 or via e-mail at

How do I register my credential?

Currently, most credentials that are being recommended through a college or university are received at the County Offices of Education through a weekly download file from the Commission on Teacher Credentialing. If you are currently employed in one of the public school districts in your county, please take a copy of your credential to your district office to be registered. The school district will forward your credential copy to the County Office of Education.

If you are not currently employed in a public school district, but would like to have your credential registered in Orange County, please include the following information:

  1. A copy of your credential printed from the Commission on Teacher Credentialing website.
  2. Your mailing address.
  3. Your date of birth.
  4. Any other name your credentials may have been issued under since your present credential was issued.

Mail to:

Orange County Department of Education
Attention: Credentials Department
200 Kalmus Drive
Costa Mesa, CA 9262
(714) 966-4236

For registration in any other county, call the county credential or certification office for instructions, or check with your employing school district personnel office.

  • Los Angeles County Certification Office: (562) 922-6438
  • Riverside County Certification Office: (909) 826-6669
  • San Bernardino County Certification Office: (909) 387-3117

Individuals who have completed college or university coursework at an institution in a country other than the United States must obtain a complete evaluation of foreign transcripts, degrees, and other relevant documents prior to applying to the Commission on Teacher Credentialing (CTC) for a California credential, permit, or certificate. A list of CTC approved evaluation agencies can be found at

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Page updated: October 5, 2016