Reading and Literacy Added Authorization

Application Instructions

  1. Reading & Literacy AA Application. 
  2. CSUF Processing Fee – A $25.00 personal check, cashier’s check or money order made payable to CSUF.
  3. A copy of your valid California teaching credential. (If your California teaching credential will expire within the next six months please renew your credential online at
  4. Verification of Experience: Please have your current and/or previous employer verify three years of successful teaching experience (on district letterhead). All experience must be verified by superintendent, assistant superintendent, director of personnel, or director of human resources of employing district.

Mail or Deliver Application, $25.00 processing fee and other applicable documents listed above to the following address:

CSUF Credential Preparation Center
2600 East Nutwood Avenue, Suite 540,
Fullerton, CA 92831

Processing Timeline: CTC will email you further instructions once CSUF has submitted your electronic recommendation. You will need a valid email account and have either a credit card or debit card to pay the online application fee. CTC Processing Fee – not payable at this time. CTC charges a $100.00 application fee plus an additional $2.50 online fee. Upon electronic submittal by the Credential Preparation Center, you will receive an email from CTC instructing you to complete the credential application online and submit your CTC fee. Please make sure your CTC profile reflects your current email address.

NOTE: Once CSUF has submitted your recommendation to CTC, you will have 90 days in which you will need to pay the CTC fee and allow CTC to process your application. If you do not pay within the allocated time period your application will be terminated.

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Page updated: November 3, 2017