Single Subject Matter Preparation Program (SMPP) Transcript Evaluations

Available for CSUF Students/Alumni Only

Current CSUF, undergraduate students must consult with major advisor.

Graduates of CSU Fullerton may request a transcript evaluation for one of our subject matter preparation programs. The Center for Careers in Teaching receives the request and either a) conducts the transcript evaluation, or b) forwards the request and transcripts to the department for the evaluation to be completed. No fee will be charged.

Transcript evaluations for graduates of colleges other than CSUF should be done with the institution with which you completed your bachelor’s degree.  Please note, not all institutions of higher education have approved subject matter preparation plans.

Q: What is an SMPP transcript evaluation?

A: When you submit your transcripts for evaluation, an evaluator goes over them to determine which SMPP requirements have been fulfilled and with what classes. You will receive a worksheet that indicates clearly those requirements that are fulfilled and those that need to be completed. The worksheet will be mailed to you.

Q: Is there a fee for the evaluation?

A: Current CSUF students or CSUF alumnae are not charged an evaluation fee.

Q: Must the transcripts be official (sealed) transcripts?

A: No. Unofficial copies of transcripts are acceptable. Separate sets of transcripts must be submitted for each subject matter preparation program evaluation request.

Q: If I have already sent my community college transcripts to CSUF, do I have to submit another set for an SMPP evaluation?

A: Yes. Transcripts sent to CSUF for admission and transfer purposes are housed in the Admissions and Records office and are not readily accessible to the SMPP personnel. You do not need to submit CSUF transcripts if you have graduated within the last 5 years as these are available on the computer.

Q: What is the transcript evaluation processing timeline?

A: It may take anywhere from 8-12 weeks from the date we receive your request to process the transcript evaluation. This timeframe is not guaranteed.

Download SMPP Evaluation Request Form

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Page updated: November 20, 2015