Single Subject Matter Preparation Programs

All teachers must document their expertise and knowledge of the subjects they teach. For those who plan to earn a single subject credential, there are two options for documenting subject matter competency:

Complete a state-approved subject matter preparation program

The California Commission on Teacher Credentialing (CCTC) approves university subject matter preparation programs. Students can document subject matter competency by completing the requirements for one of these programs. Completing the requirements of such a program takes careful planning; in most instances, simply earning the bachelor’s degree in the subject does not automatically meet all of the requirements for the subject matter preparation program.

  • Click here for Subject Matter Preparation Program transcript evaluation (For CSUF Graduates only)

Pass the state-approved subject matter exam

The CCTC offers subject matter exams for each of the single subject credentials. The state is currently transitioning from the Praxis series exams to the CSET exams. We recommend that undergraduates follow the requirements for the subject matter preparation program using courses from GE and the major whenever possible. These are the very courses that will assist the student in preparing for the test. In most cases, undergraduates who decide to be teachers early in their academic careers are able to complete the subject matter preparation program within the requirements for the degree. The exam option is best for those students who decide later in their academic careers and for whom the subject matter preparation program would require an excessive number of extra classes. The subject matter exams are rigorous and very difficult to pass without the appropriate academic background.

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Page updated: January 8, 2016