High School Teaching

Obtaining your bachelor’s degree and meeting the requirements for the single subject credential program in a timely and expedient fashion takes careful planning. We have provided these planning tools to help you streamline your education and prepare you for the credential program.

CSUF Academic Plans:

We have prepared sample academic plans to help students navigate through the intersecting requirements for general education, major, credential program prerequisites, and the subject matter preparation program. We do not recommend following these plans without consulting regularly with an advisor from your major and/or the CCT as requirements are subject to change.

These sample academic plans are organized according to major. In most cases, it is clear what major a future teacher should choose. For example, the best major for a future math teacher is mathematics! In the case of social science, there are a variety of majors to choose from because the social science subject matter preparation program can be efficiently combined with American Studies, Anthropology, Geography, History, Political Science or Sociology. Students interested in teaching History, Economics, Geography or Government at the middle school or high school level should consider one of the abovementioned majors.

Choose a Major:

General Education Recommendations:

To most efficiently combine the requirements for GE, major, subject matter preparation and credential program prerequisites, students should carefully select GE classes that double count with other requirements whenever possible. In some cases there are few double count opportunities available to the future teacher while in other cases there are many. Always consult an advisor for specific GE requirements.

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