Research Colloquium Series

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The Center for Research on Educational Access and Leadership (C-REAL), in coordination with the College of Education, organize a monthly colloquium series for faculty and students to present their current research findings related to areas in education. Each semester four colloquium presentations are held, where a faculty member and graduate/doctoral student presented their current research findings.

The purpose of the sessions is to showcase:

  • Best practices in education
  • Current research
  • The future of educational research

Presentation Discussion

Additionally, the colloquium presentations are used to inform faculty members and graduate students of current research projects at California State University, Fullerton (CSUF). The research colloquia serve as an example to students on how to present their current research projects. Presentations typically outline the background of the project and the methodological design behind the research questions raise in a particular subject area. These presentations function as a forum for sharing insights, perspectives, and ideas that might aid us in serving learners and their communities. 

This event is hosted by C-REAL on the first Wednesdays of each month from 12:00-1:00 PM , located at CSUF-College Park building (CP-550 )

Past events:

April 2015
“Exploring Perceptions of Inclusion with Preservice Teachers in Poland” presented by Dr. Stang from crealcsuf


March 2015
“Reading Achievement of ELLS and Response to Intervention Model” presented by Dr. Jung from crealcsuf


February 2015
Examining the Student Teacher Relationship (STR) for Children with and Without Disabilities: Spotlight on Autism from crealcsuf


December 2014
Rigor vs. Time: A Study of Instructional Benefits with Intelligent Tutoring Systems for students with Persistent Deficits in Mathematics from crealcsuf

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Page updated: February 8, 2016