CSUF alumnus Nick O’Dell is currently making great strides in his career. Nick earned both his Bachelor of Arts degree in Psychology in 2010 and Master of Arts degree in Psychology in 2012 from CSUF. During this time Nick was employed at C-REAL where he conducted research on the iFALCON Project. After graduating with his Master’s degree, he moved to Columbus, Ohio. He is currently pursuing his Ph.D. in Decision Psychology at Ohio State University. He credits his successes in part to the positive experience he gained at C-REAL.

When asked if his experience at C-REAL helped him in his pursuit of a doctoral program, he responded, “Yes, it encouraged me to pursue an academic path and expand my skills and conceptual thinking.” Nick noted that some of the most beneficial aspects of C-REAL were, “Learning how to work on collaborative projects with team members from different disciplines” and “using the skills I learned from the classroom and applying them to research projects with tangible outcomes.” He even attributes some of his most memorable moments as a student to his time at C-REAL. “Research wise it was administering creativity exams to elementary school students and talking with them about their experience (Project CREATE).”  Nick plans to continue his great work. When asked where he sees himself in the next 5-10 years he said, “Hopefully as a Ph.D. answering important theoretical questions with science and data”.

Great work, Nick. You are making C-REAL proud!

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Page updated: July 18, 2017