Titan Education Excellence Award Winners — 2006-2007

The College of Education is recognized for its reputation of excellence in preparing teachers and educational leaders. In recognition of the inauguration of the College of Education in July 2004, two awards are granted annually. These awards honor excellence in teaching and educational leadership of a Fullerton graduate as well as the high quality of educational endeavors accomplished in partnership with Cal State Fullerton and its many school- and district-based programs.

Individual Category
Linda Knudsen
Linda Knudsen
Saddleback Valley Unified School District

Linda teaches at Los Alisos Intermediate School in Saddleback Valley Unified School District and will receive her master’s in Educational Leadership in May, 2006. She has demonstrated teaching and leadership skills in developing instructional themes that integrate the life sciences, implementing technology to support student learning, using unique approaches in teaching genetics and heredity, and in mentoring and coaching her science teacher colleagues.

She has written several grants in the last five years totaling $30,000 in support of a variety of innovative science projects for her students. Via one grant, she organized science assemblies for the school that brought science-based standards presentations on animals and survival mechanisms. The most recent grant is a $10,000 Toyota Tapestry/NSTA award for A Spool of DNA that teaches her 7th grade students state science standards and requires writing and research skills for their presentations. This grant provided technology and materials in support of teaching her students forensics and genetic engineering techniques. She further serves as peer coach in this project for her colleagues so that all the science teachers and students at Los Alisos have benefited.
Our congratulations to Linda, an outstanding science educator who in less than six years, has had a significant positive impact on her students and her peers.

Partnership Category
Teachers as Artists Program
Teresa Crawford
Dr. Teresa Crawford
Elementary and Bilingual Education Department

Ginger Geftakys
Ginger Geftakys
Elementary and Bilingual Education Department

This partnership includes CSU Fullerton’s Ginger Geftakys (part-time faculty) and Dr. Teresa Crawford, both of the Elementary and Bilingual Education Dept., Topaz School in the Placentia-Yorba Linda School District, and Golden Hill Elementary in the Fullerton School District. Principals Susan Fendell and Kathy Kreil scheduled three professional development sessions for their teachers and student teachers on drawing and painting techniques integrated with content areas – science, social studies and language arts. The teachers and student teachers then planned subject matter curriculum that incorporated art techniques, allowing K-6 students to express through a visual medium what they had learned. Concepts of scale and art vocabulary are but a few elements that enriched the students’ learning. This year, 50 teachers, 5 Fullerton student teachers, and hundreds of elementary students have participated in this program. The beautiful artwork that appears on the walls of the Education Classroom Building is a sample of the students’ creative work.

Art on Display

In a milieu of focus on test outcomes, including art in the curriculum in conjunction with academic subjects sends the important message that the arts do play a key role in students’ learning processes.
Congratulations to Ginger Geftakys, Teresa Crawford, Principals Kathy Kreil and Susan Fendell, master teachers, student teachers, and K-6 students.


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