Titan Education Excellence Award Winners — 2005-2006

The College of Education is recognized for its reputation of excellence in preparing teachers and educational leaders. In recognition of the inauguration of the College of Education in July 2004, two awards are granted annually. These awards honor excellence in teaching and educational leadership of a Fullerton graduate as well as the high quality of educational endeavors accomplished in partnership with Cal State Fullerton and its many school- and district-based programs.

2005 Awards

Francis Kay Krausman
Francis Kay Krausman
Fullerton School District

Kay has a longstanding passion for teaching – particularly for science instruction.

She is recognized for her commitment to the teaching profession and mentoring other teachers in becoming knowledgeable about science instruction. She passes on her passion for the sciences to her students and has inspired some to pursue careers in the sciences. She has conducted post-graduate science seminars both locally and nationally, has written an integrated inquiry based science curriculum for her school district, and has been selected as the outstanding science teacher in Orange County and recipient of the Project Tomorrow Vision of Excellence.

A colleague says that “Kay excels as a teacher, a professional leader and a builder of our school community.” Her principal states that “Kay is a teacher of teachers.” And from a parent, we hear that “Kay is a rare gem among many in an illustrious profession.”

Carole Shelby
Carole Shelby
El Modena High School
Orange Unified School District

Carole is known for her passion to teach the English language arts, especially poetry.

Her demanding and energetic approach has earned her the reputation as tough, fair – and fun. Through her drive and innovative approaches to teaching, she ensures that all of her students succeed – those who are traditionally successful as well as those who face particular challenges such as learning English as a second language or a learning disability. She has served in several leadership positions at her school. Her collaborative leadership style, determination, motivation and follow-through have ensured successful implementation of new school-site endeavors

A colleague says that “Carole’s desire to share new strategies and research data is phenomenal.” One of her students states that “After a week in her class I thought I was going to die…Having Mrs. Shelby two years in a row was not only hard but fun. She inspires me and never fails in teaching me something new.”

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