Strategic Plan

Cal State Fullerton aims to become a model public comprehensive university, nationally recognized for exceptional programs that prepare our diverse student body for academic and professional success.
-University Strategic Plan, 2013


College of Education Strategic Plan 2013-2018

The College of Education is committed to the preparation and professional development of innovative and transformative educators who advance just, equitable, and inclusive education. As a professional community of scholar-practitioners, we promote creativity, collaboration, and critical thinking as fundamental to student achievement and success in a diverse and interconnected world. In pursuit of these ideals, the College of Education developed its first strategic plan through a comprehensive planning process that involved faculty, staff, alumni, and community representatives. In fall 2011 faculty-led task forces  began implementation of major initiatives related to the plan’s four major goals:

  • Just, Equitable and Inclusive Education
  • Local, Regional, and International Partnerships
  • Faculty Roles and Responsibilities
  • Educational Technology

Adoption of a new university-wide strategic plan in 2013 prompted the College of Education to review and update its plan so that it was aligned with the new university goals and priorities. Once again a broad array of constituents again participated in the planning process. While maintaining the College’s focus on the themes and goals identified in its original (2011) plan, the new College of Education Strategic Plan for 2013-2018 articulates the connection between College of Education goals and broader university priorities. This plan will help to guide the College in its continued success and growth.


We aspire to be transformational leaders who advance the readiness of all learners to actively participate in an ever-changing, diverse, and digital world.

Goals and Objectives

COE Goal 1: Develop and maintain a curricular and co-curricular environment that prepares innovative educators who participate in our global society as partners, models, and advocates for just, equitable, and inclusive education.


1.1  Expand the COE assessment system to include co-curricular components and strengthen assessment of program outcomes.

1.2  Develop a streamlined comprehensive undergraduate through graduate advisement system that integrates the College of Education’s Center for Careers in Teaching.

1.3  Ensure that all COE students, including distance education (online) students, have systematic advising at appropriate points in their programs.

1.4  Strengthen local, regional, national and international partnerships that exemplify excellence in teaching and learning.

1.5  Infuse concepts of just, equitable and inclusive education into every facet of all COE programs, including curriculum, pedagogy, and assessment of student outcomes.

1.6  Ensure the effective use and integration of technology to support teaching and learning throughout all COE programs, including face-to-face, hybrid, and fully online learning environments.

COE Goal 2: Improve COE student recruitment, persistence and graduation rates, and narrow the opportunity/achievement gap for underrepresented students.

2.1  Identify and reduce by at least half any opportunity/ achievement gaps between underrepresented and non-underrepresented students in COE programs.

2.2  Develop opportunities for undergraduate, post-baccalaureate, and graduate students to participate in HIPs that will support retention and graduation and connect them with careers in education.

COE Goal 3: Recruit and retain high quality diverse faculty and staff, who are advocates for just, equitable and inclusive education (JEIE), in the College of Education.

3.1  Coordinate the College faculty recruitment and retention efforts with University-wide efforts to result in high quality diverse faculty.

3.2  Recruit faculty and staff who are prepared and committed to just, equitable, and inclusive education.

3.3  Institutionalize retention-tenure-promotion processes that better reflect the College’s mission and the demands and expectations for faculty teaching, scholarship, and service.

COE Goal 4: Increase revenue to support the College mission of preparing and developing innovative and transformative educators.

4.1  Increase philanthropic giving commensurate with University goal.

4.2  Increase grant and contract revenue commensurate with University goal.

4.3  Increase innovative practice and research through the College’s academic centers.

4.4  Increase communications and stakeholder engagement, particularly with College alumni.

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Page updated: March 14, 2014