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8th Annual Maywood Education Fair

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The graduate students of the Master of Science in Higher Education (MSHE) program at California State University, Fullerton, in coordination with the College of Education and the Center for Research on Educational Access and Leadership, hosted the 8th Annual Maywood Education Fair at Saint Rose of Lima School on Saturday, October 15, 2016 with over 600 attendees.

Maywood is a largely Latino, under-served, low-income community. Approximately 48% of students from Maywood and surrounding southeast cities graduate from high school, and of those, only a small percentage continue on to pursue higher education.

The Maywood Education Fair is an opportunity to demonstrate to high school students and their families how obtaining a college degree is possible and awards numerous scholarships to outstanding and deserving high school graduates.  MSHE students raised thousands of dollars for scholarships AT&T donated $15K in scholarship this year.  Over the years, the Maywood Education Fair has gained credibility within the community and provides awareness regarding college admissions, financial aid, and other resources to the residents of Maywood and surrounding cities. One attendee shared, “the Maywood Education Fair encouraged me in my decision [to attend college] because it exposed me to the many opportunities our world has to offer. Although sometimes money can be an issue, there are people who want to help.”

A survey of the participant experience at the fair found that while 83% of respondents reported interest in attending or helping a family member go to college, 73% of respondents worry that the cost of college might make it impossible for them or others in their family to attend. However, through their experience at the fair, 77% of respondents felt they learned about key financial resources they could use to help themselves or their family get to college. For one high school student in particular, the fair encouraged her to “choose different colleges and not keep my options small”.  The Maywood Education Fair allows Titans to encourage other communities to reach higher.

The Maywood Quad-Leads this year were from MSHE Cohort 8: Victor Joseph Atilano, Ebony Freeman, Jennifer Gutierrez, Julia Walker.

Here is a video of the event.

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